5 cute long hair hairstyles for toddlers

boxer braid

Kids are very fond of getting new hairstyles, the parent’s makeover their crazy ones with the regular hairstyles but they are different cute hair hairstyles for toddlers. Apart from ponytails and braids, you can make your infants look pretty in new hairstyles. The new outlook of the toddlers gives a pleasant smile on your face. Various types of hairstyles are listed below

Triple turn ponytail

Spit your child’s hair, leave the first third of hair loose. Knot the back two third position of your baby’s hair in a ponytail form. Make the loose hair in three sections and tie it with a hairband. Convert the ponytail into two parts and twist each of them. Twist all the parts together like string hair and repeat it with other sides.


Interlaced cross roll

Take your kiddo first half of the hair and plate it elastically until it reaches down. The final part threw it backward and made the tail to lay down on the head. Then bring other segments of the braid and plait the two segments together. Put it in a tops tail

Braided bow

Braided blow is a style with two ribbon strands and they tie together in the back with the French braids. Split your kid’s hair into three parts and plated the section with the ribbon and finally bring all the strands together and knotted it down.

Boxer braid

Boxer braid is the toddler girl hairstyle with long hair. Make the hair into two sections starting plating one part of the hair and make the other with the braids. Bring the two sections together and make a ponytail

Tiny toddler hairstyle

Tiny toddler hairstyle picks up the total hair and makes it an as high pony. Finally, make a bin covering your head and your kiddo looks gorgeous in the hairdo.