Try Healthy Diet Routine for Your Toddlers!

healthy diet

Tiny toddler’s balanced diet is very different from the diet taken by adults. Their nutrition need will be different from the intake of nutrition for the grownups. Beyond nutrition, the proper balance of foods may help then to get several health benefits. The principle of healthy eating is a balanced food for toddlers.

Why your toddler’s Diet is Different?

Since your baby grows from infant to toddler, there will be an intense development in the physical and mental growth. In this period, your toddler’s brain gets ready different challenges like walking and talking. So to feed a nutritious and healthy food is essential for growth. Toddlers’ nutritional needs differ. Several differences need to be taken into account to feed your toddler.

Toddlers should take less than 2 gm of salt every day. This is only one-third of an adult’s intake. Adult food is not suitable for toddlers because the salt and sugar level might be too high.

Fruits and Veggies

The tummy of your kid will be 5 times smaller than your size and so make sure you give small amounts of energy and nutrients rich foods. Three small balanced diets with regular nutritious snacks are more than enough for your toddler.

Healthy Balanced Diet for your Toddlers

A balanced diet for toddlers should be of the following combination of nutritional food items.


Try to include bread, rice, cereals, and potatoes in your baby’s food. These starchy foods can be given as a meal and a snack.

Fruits and Veggies

To feed your kid, try to offer a different range of colored vegetables and foods since they contain different healthy nutrients. Children often eat foods that parents and family eat. So try to include these foods for your whole family and eat.

Milk, Cheese, and Curd

Your toddler should be given milk every day and try to give calcium-rich food like cheese and curd.

Meat and Fish

Meat gives enough protein to your toddler. So try to include chicken, salmon, eggs, and required pulses. These foods can have two serving every day. Pulses and meet give a good source of iron. This paves way for the brain development.

Bottom Line

Trying new foods together can be fun and adventure for your toddler. This will encourage dietary variety for a balanced toddler diet. These foods can help them to get into the habit of consuming healthy and enjoyable food. What they eat at this stage impacts growth and development.