Our Team



Jasen is a community organizer, father, early childhood educator, and social justice advocate based in Seattle. Over the past three years, he has made Kids and Race a full time job. Having been featured in Parent Map Magazine and on NPR’s Seattle affiliate KUOW, the program has served over 2000 people to date, and rising every month. His various actions around race and social justice have made front page news in Seattle and have been featured on the local news on numerous occasions. He has 15 years of experience working with children in various capacities.

In his spare time Jasen enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, yoga, long walks, writing, and being the change needed in the world.



Kathleen Dacquisto was born in Spokane, Washington. She has always loved caring for others, especially children. She has over 20 years experience providing health care, home care, child care and pet care. Her small business has thrived for 19 years. With schooling in international business, art and healthcare, Kathleen has traveled the world to care for orphans, handicapped and the elderly. Her life goal is to unite children of the world regardless of creed, origin or color. She is quintessential to Kids & Race and its operations.

In her spare time Kathleen enjoys life with her two children, making art, writing, reading, hiking, playing soccer, and surfing.



Khavin Debbs was born in Sacramento, California. After teaching preschool and elementary school for homeless children he relocated to Washington in 2013. There he finished his bachelors degree in Environmental Education from the Evergreen State College. He then later received his Urban Environmental Education Masters from Antioch University, where his thesis focused on decolonizing the outdoors for families of color. He is currently working as the operations and partnerships manager for Tiny Trees Preschool, a non profit outdoor preschool.

In his spare time Khavin enjoys watching and playing soccer, mycology, rock climbing, reading and cooking.



Leilani Raglin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a seasoned professional speaker, consultant, writer, and coach, focused on facilitating understanding and healing across racial lines. Leilani specializes in growing radically authentic and empowered leaders, parents, and families while creating intentional change in communities and organizations.

Leilani has worked with a number of corporations, non-profits, schools, and organizations to advance various social and racial justice causes. A brilliant strategist, innovative visionary, and daring activist, Leilani regularly challenges systems of authority and oppression for more equitable outcomes. She describes herself as someone that aims to bring light to even the darkest of spaces.

Leilani is committed to living a life of meaning, creativity, balance, alignment, and spiritual connection. In her free time, she loves connecting with her partner, Craig, her son, Finley, and their Golden Retriever, Sampson. Leilani regularly enjoys practicing yoga, meditating, journaling, camping, traveling, singing, and playing the guitar.w



Jennifer Sunami is a marketing professional, creative writer, and graphic designer living and working in Seattle. As a mixed-race mom to two energetic children, she is focused on helping kids and families understand and escape negative narratives about race. Her passion around the issues of education, equity, cultural narratives, and racial justice also provides the energy for her work co-chairing the parent equity and anti-bias groups at her children’s schools. When she isn’t working, Jennifer enjoys being a brown person outdoors, including hiking, camping, and snowboarding with her family.