Kids & Race Podcast

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Episode 3: A Black Man and a Trans woman wax poetic about rachel dolezal

In this episode, Jasen Frelot and Alannah Raas-Bergquist discuss the excellent Netflix documentary, The Rachel Divide. They also recommend a few other great streaming options!

Episode 2: "Bad" schools, testing, and segregation

The Kids and Race blog editor, Katy Strange, is in studio. Katy and Jasen discuss a wide range of topics from school segregation to whose kids are stinkier!

Check out for more integration info and to get involved in your city!

To read Katy's original blog post, click here. For more information, you can check out her series for Medium, "The Good Schools Project."

Episode 1: Talking Race E1 (Isolde Raftery)

This is our first podcast of many: a dialogue between Jasen Frelot and KUOW's Isolde Raftery which touches on the conversation of Race in schools, white progressivism, Charleena Lyles, and the media's role in forming experience. Enjoy!

Recorded at KUOW and Crescendo Studios; Edited by Benjamin Conrad Gore; Music by BRITE LINES.